If you're on this page it's because of one reason...

You're not satisfied with your jumping ability.  And for that fact I first congratulate you for seeking a solution that's going to get you to finally reach your maximum potential when it comes to jumping.

Now I know this is something you've heard before...that you can be taught how to "jump out the gym" and this is true.  However if you give me a moment of your time today I'll show you how you can instantly create a body of work filled with jumps that will leave you and those who are blessed to see you jump after this.

The results you'll see are literally insane!

Before I go ahead and talk too much about how once you get your hands on the Jump Out The Gym System you'll finally start to realize the serious ups you've had stored up inside of you...I wanted to show you what is capable when you put this type of program to work...


Not too shabby huh?


Now people always ask me how the heck did you get the skills to jump so high.  It's a funny story actually.  Honestly when you think of high risers and people appear to be modern day Supermans you think of professional basketball players or freakish athletes that end up playing football or become top volleyball players or track atheltes.

What if I told you I'm neither one of those?  LOL.  This is true... I developed my passion for jumping during gym class.  You know the class that we often hate changing out of our cool clothes for?  

In class we were performing what is called plyometrics.  I'm sure if you've been researching on how to jump higher you've come across this word.  Well in my gym class we were doing drills such as one leg hops and testing to see who can jump the highest in the class.

At the time I had ups but the kid in the class who was the winner of the highest vertical jump got all the attention.  People were just in awe about how high he could jump.  From that point I said it would be cool not only to be the best jumper but to be able to do it so well that everyone that saw me jump would just have their jaw drop.


So I went ahead and started doing every single jumping program I could find and for the most part most of them did help me get better.   Before I knew it I was able to really turn some heads but still was left unsatisfied.  

I went from doing these other programs to starting to get creative through research and create my own training programs and I discovered some pretty cool exercises that I haven't found in any vertical jump program.  I didn't know at the time these exercises would be the actual exercises that are responsible for me being able to jump on top of cars, mailboxes, EVEN over outfield baseball fences!!

Now you might be thinking, Jack you were born a freak, this stuff doesn't work for everyone.  I honestly thought the same and that's why I wanted to go ahead and get some of my vertically challenged friends to start working out with me.


We all know the phrase 'white man can't jump' right?  I mean let's think about it, who makes all the sick dunks ? Brent Barry or Dwight Howard?  

Dwight Howard hands down!


So I figured the only way to really issue this 'Jump Out The Gym' System a true test is to get a bunch of vertically challenged people to try the program.  I mean if it could work for them, it must be good for everyone was my thinking.


After a few weeks of training the results were astonishing!  People being able to jump higher than they ever did before.  They all would come to me and say "Hey Jack these exercises are freakin' weird but they working!"


It's at this time I was growing in confidence that I stumbled upon something pretty special.  The birth of the ' Jump Out The Gym' System was almost coming full circle.


Where I got the realization that this program was real was when a professional basketball player who is 6'10 270lbs came to me after seeing me dunk one time in the gym with no effort.  Guess what grabbed his attention the most?

You got..."White Man Jumping"!

After working with him...this guy who was tall enough to dunk (but still looked like he had trouble doing it believe it or not!) was not only dunking but shattering the rim all the way to becoming an International Dunk Champion.

(Hit The Play Button Below To Check out the video above of him showing off just 
his basic dunks... Remember this is a 270 pound guy dunking like this!)


After this I said screw this, I got to help people out there who have been doing the same vertical jump programs only to reach just 50% of their true potential.  When you have a possible scholarship, and even a pro career possibly at stake why not reach 100% of your potential and not just half.

-  Quick Fix Solution (This program is a progressive program that builds your vertical leap over time)


-  Isn't easy ( Nothing in life worth having comes easy.  You'll work your butt off to get the results)

-  A Gimmick ( Fads come and go... but this program is built of scientific research that back every single 
exercise that's done in this program

-  Just a plyometric workout program (this is where most vertical jump programs fail US is by
offering just jumping drills...I've gone much deeper to pull out my BEST and UNIQUE stuff!)


When you get a hold of the Jump Out the Gym Program you'll get instant access to our "Phases To Excellence" training program. Below check out the Phases that when completed are guaranteed to take your vertical leap to places it's never been to before.

Phase #1 Beginner Strength Program ($47 value) 

In this phase you’ll be able to do a series of workouts which can be done anywhere. This phase was created to develop a foundation in which you can build off to perform all exercises in this program. By mastering this you’ll be able to ensure yourself of an injury free training program as you excel to your new vertical.

Phase #2 Beginner Plyometric Program ($47 value)

We’ve all heard plyometrics are effective but they also can be bad if you aren’t prepared to do them. In this phase of the program you’ll get access to the best plyometric program guaranteed to make sure you can perform all the movements needed to jump higher with safety but also maximum efficiency. No wasted movements here. Each time you perform a workout in this phase you will find yourself more explosive, quicker and increase your reactive strength levels.

Phase #3 Intermediate Plyo Program
($47 value

Now that you’ve mastered the foundational stuff it’s time to turn it to new heights. With cool unique plyo movements that specifically work on the muscles are responsible for jumping you’ll find yourself faster, jumping leading to a more higher, dominant athlete.  This phase can even be performed during the season as well for great year round results.

Phase #4 Intermediate Combo Program
($47 value)

Combo program... This is honestly top secret stuff that makes this program different than most vertical programs. Because we do not want just everyone to know this secret you’ll need to discover this for yourself. Just a little insider information... This is the type of training that guys like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, have used to take their explosiveness to new levels. With my inside connection to some of their trainers this phase was developed.

Phase #5 Advanced Plyo Program ($47 value

Approach this phase with extreme caution. This phase is not for the weak and it’s also not for someone just starting out. It’s important you do the previous phases first. However, when you do reach this phase you can expect the following things to improve : 1) leg strength 2) top speed 3) a few inches increase in your vertical 4) more muscle; which means less bodyfat 5) and lots more!

Phase #6 Advanced Combo Program ($47 value)

If you thought in phase 4 you were going to get your money’s worth this phase alone if I had to pick one was what took me over the hump from jump boxes to being able to go ahead and jump on top of a car or to go to Chicago and jump on top of a mailbox leaving people just falling on their faces when they saw me accomplish such a feat. You’ll focus on building all the muscles of the hips, legs, posterior chain, and lots more!


Bonus #1 Combine Cheat Sheet ($27 value) -  Are you training for a sport?   Interested in knowing what they are looking for from athletes for your respective sport?  Well now you can go ahead and get instant access to some insider information that will help you get one step closer to impressing scouts and coaches.  I’ve been blessed to meet some of the top scouts and coaches around the nation and in this cheat sheet I share with you what they’ve told me is most important when scouts are looking for new talent.

Bonus #2 Upper Body Workout Template ($27 value) - YES, upper body.  Have you seen high flyers who look like they’ve never eaten?  Bottom line is often these are the athletes that get broken down over time because they neglect to work the body as a whole.   The body is one unit but most vertical training programs focus on just working legs and not working the upper body.  Michael Jordan loved performing shoulder press upwards to 70 lb on each arm at times.  Kobe Bryant loves to perform weighted pull-ups... All putting an emphasis on their upper bodies.  With this workout template you’ll be able to work your upper body in a way that will enhance your vertical leap not fight against it.

Bonus #3- The Vertical Jump Destiny Diet Combo ($27 value)-  You are what you eat... If you eat like crap, you’ll perform like crap.  In this short, yet informative combo, I provide a hard hitting video interview I did with premier sports performance phyiscal therapist and nutrition expert Jeff Cavaliere where you’ll learn how to eat well so that everytime you step into a gym be it for practice, training, or a game you’ll be able to be at your best.  Also, you can grab my very own Vertical Jump Destiny Diet Plan with my own hand scratched notes...charting the exact meal plan I followed when I experienced my greatest jump gains ever and literally went from being Jack Cascio to "Jumping" Jack Cascio!

Bonus #4: Dynamic Warmup ($27 value) -  Ever took a rubber band, rubbing it to get it hot and then tried to go ahead and flick it?  What happened?  One of two things... it either popped or it went further than you’ve ever seen a rubber band go before.  With this dynamic warmup you’ll be able to prepare your muscles for massive results.  No your muscles won’t pop but they will be ready to fire on all cylinders so they can be ready to improve your jumping beyond what you’ve ever done before

When you combine all this together you have what I call the Jump Out The Gym Toolbox featuring all the things you need to progressively build your vertical leap over the course of a year.  


Where most programs fail you is getting you results for 4 weeks and then the rest of the year you end up either just staying at that level or actually regressing...

Heard of this before?  In life as well as jumping there's only two things that happens with your vertical leap before you reach your max potential.  You are either progressing or regressing.  Obviously once you reach your genetic potential then it's all about maintaining but most people basically go for the quick fix and then what happens is over time their vertical leap shrinks!


With this program though you won't have to worry about that.  You'll be progressively going from one phase to the other to make sure that you keep on stacking up the bricks in your favor.  Picture it as if you're building a building...and this one reaches way up into the sky!  


First you need a foundation and in phase #1 that's what we will be establishing.  Once you've mastered phase #1 then you are prepared to go onto phase #2.  Most training programs only include 1 to 2 of these phases at the most!!!


That's right only 2 out of 6 at most!  Why not have all 6!


Now you might be thinking hey I can already jump high!  This is cool too because we haven't forgotten about people like you :-)



With our Jump Out The Gym Bar Exam you'll go through a specific test where you'll be asked to do a few things (top secret)... When you finish performing these you'll be given a total score.  The total score will determine what phase you should begin training at.  


This is by far the COOLEST part of this program.




Because now it makes it customizable to you.  It's not a cookie cutter program for everyone because now you can not waste time in the beginner phases and jump right into the appropriate phase for you!


In addition to this you’ll get the Jump Out The Gym Video Vault.  In the Video Vault you’ll get access to all the videos explaining in detail the exercises in this entire program.  How to do it, how often to do it, all these will be answered within this video vault.  No guess work, no confusion, just pure execution and amazing results to follow!


Now being able to jump is one of the quickest and most effective ways coaches, scouts, trainers examine:


All 3 are qualities that make great athletes!   It's the difference that took the professional athlete I talked to you earlier about.  He was the only rookie on his team overseas and saw significant playing time because the Jump Out The Gym System focuses on developing all 3 of these.

Hit Play Below To Listen below as he talks in his own words about what the program did for him 



There's no feeling like having a coach tell you that we want to bring you as part of our program because we love your athleticism.


When you think of an athlete you think of people like Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Michael Vick, Julius Peppers (played college ball and is 2nd all time in block field goals) to name just a few.

No one is promising you'll turn pro because of this program however without the 3 components...








You're guaranteed to not be able to compete or even get looked at on any level of sports.  Now you have a program that was specifically created to help you with all 3 of these things in a progressive training style that will take you through 6 phases of training to get you insane results.


College is getting more expensive... sometimes up to $30,000 per year just for a good quality education.  The debate is out on whether athletes should even be paid but can you imagine what having a scholarship could mean for you?  That's $120,000 over 4 years...


This is your opportunity to capitalize and stack the cards in your favor of not having to pay all that money and only for a fraction of the cost. The Jump Out The Gym System could easily sell for $297 but we are not going to price it at that today.


Because we don't have to ship anything and we are making this instantly available to you online, we get to save on production cost.  We'd like to pass on those savings onto you so you can access this program for the low price of $77  $57!


That's right for just $57 you'll be able to get this program from A-Z, all 6 phases along with the 4 bonuses and the special added bonus!  


This is a total value of $380 and that’s not adding the value of the two special added bonuses that we're 
giving you as our way of saying thanks for giving this a try!


That's not all... 

In the event that this program does not work you are backed by our 60 day money back guarantee.  This means you can be done with 2-3 phases risk free.  If during the 60 days you are not happy with the program, no questions asked shoot us an email and we'll give you back every single penny.


It's our goal to go ahead and develop a community of Jump Out The Gym members where we can take over the athletic world one jump at a time.   Are you ready to take us up on the challenge?

If so then simply hit the 'add to cart' button below and in a matter of a few minutes you'll be able to go ahead and check out all our training videos, workout logs, and cool bonuses that we have to help you build your vertical beyond your wildest dreams!



Look forward to seeing you on the other side.



Jack Cascio


P.S.- If other jumping programs have failed you, you've finally come across one that is guaranteed to take your vertical to new heights and if it doesn't you have nothing to lose cause you can ask for every penny back.  Click here for instant access


P.P.S.- Professional athletes come to me to help them jump higher, in fact a dunk champion is what Jump Out The Gym has produced... What will the program make you?  What will you make of yourself if you don't have this system?  Don't leave your future to chance, with Jump Out The Gym, take control of your athletic career once and for all by going here...


P.P.P.S. If you’re still wondering if The Jump Out The Gym Program is right for you, just read the questions and answers below.


Q:  What is The Jump Out The Gym Program and how does it work?

The Jump Out The Gym program is a progressive year long program that helps you increase your vertical over the course of 6 different training phases.  Because you are going through different phases you continuously make gains in your vertical with each phase unlike many other programs that offer a quick spike before hitting a plateau.


Q:  How soon can I see results with this program?

You will be able to see results with the program in as little as a week.  While the program is designed to produce results over the course the entire year when you perform the unique training exercises that are in this program you'll discover that you will increase your explosion, quickness and strength.  The beauty of this program is each week, each month you’ll see yourself get better and better. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.


Q:  Am I going to get injured doing this type of training?

Nope.  In fact, one of the keys to The Jump Out The Gym program is that you are being taken progressively through the program.  Instead of being in advanced plyo you’ll have to build yourself to get to that level.  This ensures us that you are at the right levels needed to go ahead and perform all the exercises within this program.


Q:  Does this program take extreme amounts of time and effort?

Effort yes, time no!  The beauty of this program is it really only takes about 25 minutes to complete a given workout.  However you will be working hard during those 25 minutes.  To make serious gains you shouldn't be training no more than about 45 minutes anyway.  Because of the way this program is designed even less time is required as we focus on training the muscles that directly affect your vertical leap.  


Q:  Can I use The Jump Out The Gym program more than once?

Absolutely!  This yet another beauty of the program.  The program because it follows a term called periodization you are able to go ahead and do the program over again and simply make minor tweaks to the program so that even when you reach your level of gains that you aspire you can continue to train with this same program and make even more gains.

Q:  OK Jack...cut to the chase.  Can you even dunk?!?

You know what's funny?  The sad truth is that the question HAS TO be asked.  Unfortunately, others try to sell us their jumping programs and we've still never seen proof that they can jump!  Not me.  I believe in practicing what you preach.  To prove this, here's a video I threw together (nope...no deceiving photos that show my hand over the rim...without showing if my feet actually are!!).  Can't wait to have you dunking like this soon!


NOTE:  The Jump Out The Gym Program is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, videos, and audio files. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components to your computer. You may also view the videos in our private members-only portal. The format for all manuals, workbooks, etc is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on either Mac or PC.